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Roof Garden

Plan, Develop & Build With The Studio Practice

Aerial View of Suburban Street


With Experience in The Town planning Industry for more than 30 years in the Governmental sector as well the Private sectors and also serving on the Council for Town Planners for several years the Studio Practice offers the following services:

  • Rezoning (Residential- & Business rights)

  • Township establishment

  • Consent-use: Second dwelling Unit

  • Subdivision of Land

  • Consolidation of Land

  • Removal of Title Deed Restrictions

  • Relaxation of Building controls: building line- & height restrictions

  • Disputes Resolution in the Property Industry

In the Industry since 1988, always with feasibility & return on investment as the main focus. Always before submitting any application we do a strata report to make sure what is the maximum zoning and what is the best application for the piece of property and the needs of a client, always with the consideration of the environment, development cost and return on investment in mind. The Studio Practice Team together with well experience Team take a project from:

  • Farm land to Feasibility Study

  • Feasibility to Application (Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Town Planning)

  • Application to Site Development Plan & Building Plans

  • Implementation of EIA Record Of Decision

  • Implementation of Conditions

  • Extension & maintaining of current land rights


  • Feasibility Study

  • Access Consent from SANRAL

  • Sub-division of Farm Land

  • EIA

  • Zoning & Land Rights Application

  • Site Development Plan

  • Building Plans

  • Implementation

  • Architectural Supervision

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