Commercial Developments,

New Residential Developments
Additions, Alterations & Interior Architecture

Within the design Architectural design industry for more than 30 years design, project budget and practical implementation are all important factors for a good start of an Architectural dream.
During the design process 3D design and rendering are taking place to create a visual perspective with modern design tools. All design leads to implementation, CONSTRUCTION. With compulsory Form 4 in order to issue an occupational certificate by the local authority The Studio Practice Team do also Stages 5 & 6 of the Architectural Contract.
We make that Architectural dream & needs a financial reality.

Not all Building project or experience with the design team are as bright as expected and The Studio Practice also deal with DISPUTES between Client and The Designer (Architect or Draughts person)


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Spur Re-Development (progress)

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30b5ee73-198e-4d02-80fe-235a94467c87 (1)

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  • Before & After

  • Amendment and approval of existing  building plans

  • Update of approved Site Development Plan

  • New Proposed 3D Rendering

  • Stage development

  • Architectural Supervision

  • Contractual Management

  • Phase 2 in progress

  • Construction Progress

  • Partial completion of project and fully operational

Phase 1 completion